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want to make this friends only. seems nicer..

Last weekend I saw so many great shows at this amazing rock festival. Paramore totally rocked! I can't wait to see them again. 

Feeling uncomfortable? Just cause I miss last weekend.
So, right now I have the feeling that I had the winning lottery ticket and I got to hold it for a while but then I lost it. I'm not sure did wind take it or did I just loose it but it's my fault that I might have done the biggest misstake in a while and this one I can't make better. 
Yesterday did suck even more than I had "hoped". My friends left me and I was all alone for the beginning of the evening. Then my boyfriend left me and gave me the worst fake excuses ever and all I could do was laugh (it was the second time we broke up in the last couple weeks. Last time I did take him back, now I wouldn't even bother.) and lucky me, there were lots of people to comfort me. ;D

I also have some memory losses and again I am afraid that I  have done or said something stupid.
It rained really hard today. And ofcourse, lucky me, I was just cycling back home. Damn I am just as lucky as always.

Today I also heard from one person who I had assumed was worth to trust that: "I always gossip about my own and others stuff so many times that I can't even remember" When I was really surprised and asked her: "Ou, really?" She didn't even bother to answer. Just little too late to know that she spreads others stuff around..

I'm also little bit afraid of tomorrow. I know summer holiday starts and it's great, but I just know tomorrow isn't going to be nice even if I hope really hard.
 Now I'm not doing okay. This day really isn't going too well. (I just wrote this blog, then I accidently pressed some advertice and whole thing went away.)

First I can tell, that I don't like when someone breaks promises. I don't like when I ask someone not to do something and then she promises and then she does it after all. Not so big deal and the whole thing was from the beginning my fault but anyways. 

Then I hate the fact that I feel like You can't make some spare time so we could see. [To that You place goes one precise name..]

But now exams are over and sweet summer holiday is very near. Too bad that I should be cleaning my room at this very moment.. 
I went jogging this morning. Weird cause I don't do sports. I would love to get in to shape without doing anything.

Just watched the first episode of Living Lohan. Too much reality tv now days, huh?
At the moment I am obsessed with book called The Devil Wears Prada. I should be studying Swedish but I rather read that cute little novel that at the times makes me really angry.

Coffee hasn't tasted very good today..

I also love finding new interesting blogs but it's harder than I thought to find something interesting that isn't totally rubish. So if anyone knows anything please tell me!
My summer began at the moment Hollyoaks started yesterday. : D I adore the show.  
I got the greatest advice from my cousin. She said "you can't always run after money". She didn't say it to me directly but I think it's good that I listened to her. Now I have no worries about summer. I just can't always think about "important things" I have to think about my mental health too.